Anesco brings battery storage solutions to UK

National energy efficiency solutions company Anesco is introducing battery storage solutions for the UK commercial market, saying the technology presents a huge opportunity and is vital for providing flexibility to the electricity network.
Electricity is generated at different times of the day to when it is required, which historically has been eased by nuclear, gas and coal. However, with weather dependent renewable technologies like solar and wind, battery storage can play a key part in storing the energy when it is plentiful and releasing it when it is needed, or most costly.
Anesco will be bringing battery storage to the commercial, utility and residential markets. The first utility scale unit will be arriving at the end of August, with more to follow soon after.
According to Anesco CEO Adrian Pike, battery storage presents a huge opportunity for the UK, like that seen in Japan, the US and Germany. He commented: “The introduction of battery storage is yet another milestone in the development of Anesco and our services, as we continue to lead the way in the energy efficiency sector.
“As a company we have again been early to understand new technologies and how commercial models can work to help customers’ improve their energy usage and save money, while overall helping to reduce the country’s carbon emissions.”
Battery storage is a growing market worldwide, with Germany one country that is leading the way when it comes to developing and deploying such solutions. Europe’s largest commercial battery storage unit, a 5MW/5MWh lithium-ion unit, is due to be commissioned this summer in north Germany.
Adrian added: “Implementing effective solutions for storing renewable energy is vital if the UK is to move away from fossil fuels and cope with growing demand. The ability to store energy is a valuable part of any sustainable power system and we’re delighted to bring this technology to our customers.”
Reading-based Anesco is a national company dedicated to helping businesses, local authorities, housing associations and homeowners to reduce their carbon emissions. The company was named the UK’s fastest growing private company in 2013 by Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and has been recognised as the second fastest growing cleantech in Europe and as one of the top 100 cleantechs in the world.


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