Trustmark requirements

With regard to TrustMark requirements, on January 1st 2020 there were changes to the ECO3 scheme that came into force as a result of the amendments to the ECO3 legislation.

From 1st January, ECO measures have to be installed by TrustMark Registered businesses. Therefore, if you have not done so already, you will need to speak to your Certification Body who should also be a TrustMark Scheme Provider.

You can only register with TrustMark via your TrustMark Scheme Provider. You will need to register for each measure type that you install, once registered, you will then be able to lodge your work in the TrustMark Data Warehouse.

More information is available on TrustMark’s website, here.

For all measure’s installed on or after 1st January 2020 we will require the following references:

  • TrustMark Business Registration/Licence Number
  • TrustMark Unique Reference Number for the job
  • TrustMark Lodgement Certificate ID

Further document evidence required:

– A screen shot from the data warehouse to evidence the lodgement of the measure. This screenshot must show the URN and lodgement certificate ID

– Please submit the screenshot within the submission paperwork using the document code TRUST

– Both references will also need to be listed on eTech Property Hub for each measure

– TrustMark registration certificate, including your Business Registration/Licence Number

TrustMark registration certificate should be sent to [email protected]

If you require further information, please contact your business development manager or the ECO team on 0845 894 4444.

(Released 1st January 2020)


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