Eastbourne Council

Anesco was awarded the tender for energy audits of the full Eastbourne Borough Council portfolio. This included 69 buildings. Over the period of a month energy audits were carried out on each of the properties and SBEM modelling was provided for the 19 largest sites.


Project Outline

Anesco identified the following potential energy saving measures that could provide a benefit to the customer:

  1. Electricity Saving Measures
    1. Lighting and Controls
    2. VSDs
    3. Voltage Optimisation
    4. AHU Upgrade
    5. Chiller Replacement
  2. Heating Saving Measures
    1. Pipework and Valve Insulation
    2. Boiler Controls
    3. Replacement Boilers
  3. Renewable Technologies
    1. District Heating
    2. Biomass Boiler
    3. Ground Source Heat Pump
    4. Solar PV
  4. Other Technologies
    1. Water Saving Measures
Eastbourne Council

Project Results

Energy audits completed for: 69 council buildings

From the early discussions with Anesco it became clear why they are so well respected in the renewables industry