Partial-fill cavity wall insulation

Ofgem has released an updated deemed score matrix for Partial Fill Cavity Wall Insulation measures.

This is an important update that will take effect from 1st April 2019 onward for all new installations.

Ofgem has based the score on post-1996 partially-filled cavity walls with a 50mm air gap and a representative thermal conductivity for the added insulation material of 0.033 W/mK.

This table shows an example of the new deemed score for a partial fill cavity wall insulation (CWI) based upon a 3 bedroom semi-detached property with a gas boiler.

Example of deemed score measure

The new scores will shortly be published on the Ofgem website.

Anesco recommends that you are familiar with updates issued by OFGEM as they can contain information that may result in a delay processing a submission if it is not fully understood.

If you require further information, please contact your business development manager or the ECO team on 0845 894 4444.

(Released 13th March 2019)


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