How to avoid errors around evidencing of costings on the BACL

With the increasing number of errors relating to evidencing costings listed on the BACL (Boiler Assessment Checklist), Anesco has provided below additional information that will help you avoid issues in the future.

  • Boiler Repair Quote – BREQ
  • Boiler Replacement Quote – BRPQ

The costings listed in section E in the BACL should be evidenced by quotes.

In order to accurately determine that a boiler was beyond economic repair the age of the boiler must be correctly identified. There are several ways to identify the correct age of a boiler, one of these being the serial numbers.

The link below provides the correct way to age the main brands of boiler so can be a useful tool to use:

Please note that both the week and year of manufacture should be identified to give an accurate age to the existing boiler.

Boiler Repair Quote – BREQ

The actual cost of repair for each boiler should account for, where applicable:

  • parts and fittings (1)
  • water treatment inhibitor
  • central heating controls
  • sub-contract electrician
  • quotation
  • re-connecting and commissioning
  • labour (2)
  • warranty (3)
  • any works deemed necessary at time of repair to protect the boiler for the life of the warranty

(1) The cost of all parts and fittings listed on the quotes must be evidenced by screenshots of the supplier’s website. The cost of the parts and fittings should exclude VAT, as the total VAT should be listed at the bottom of the quote.

(2) the power flush and chemical should be listed separately within the quote, not within the labour costs. A power flush would always be required unless the boiler is over 13 years old.

(3) The warranty should at a minimum provide cover for total repair works, during the life of the warranty, valued up to: the financial level indicated in the ‘Economic Repair Cost Comparison Tables’ for a boiler of that type, age and condition; or £500 (exc. VAT) (whichever is higher).

Boiler Replacement Quote – BRPQ

The actual cost of a replacement boiler should account for all applicable items listed plus the cost of the boiler and accessories, as appropriate. As with the repair quote all parts and fittings evidenced by screenshots of the supplier’s website.

We would also like to remind you that all boiler quotes must be excluding VAT and this has always been true. This is usually confirmed in footnote 13 of the Boiler Assessment Checklist (BACL) but was left off the latest published version. Ofgem have confirmed this was an error and will be corrected in the next update.

For further information regarding the assess boilers and determining the cost of repair and replacement please reference to appendix 3 of the Ofgem delivery guidance.

The Ofgem delivery guidance is published on Ofgem’s website, here.

The BACL (Boiler Assessment Checklist) is published on Ofgem’s website, here.


If you require further information evidencing costings on the BACL, please contact your business development manager or the ECO team on 0845 894 4444.

(Released 3rd Oct 2019)


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