ECO3 dual measures – 2013 boilers

With regards to dual measures on 2013 boilers, Ofgem has raised concern about instances where customers are benefitting from multiple boiler installs under the ECO scheme.

Ofgem have previously confirmed that where multiple boilers have been installed, the associated ECO points will only be credited to the Supplier who completed the first installation.

To protect both Anesco and the installer we would advise that you verify the correct age of the boiler that is being replaced.

As all boilers need to be registered on the gas safe register, we recommend verifying the age of the broken boiler to ensure the correct comparison has been used from the repair cost comparison table on the boiler checklist.

You can do this by going onto the Gas Safe website and clicking on ‘help and advice, has my appliance been notified?’. This will help provide you with assurance that you have a valid boiler checklist prior to submission to us.

When completing the BACL we would expect you to state the date of commissioning from the Gas Safe Register and not the date of manufacturing from the PCDB.

How to identify the age of an existing boiler:

Please ensure you are also including the week the boiler was manufactured when calculating the age as this is also being checked by Utilities/Ofgem

To further protect both parties with 2013 boilers and avoid rejections/credits that all purchase orders for 2013 boilers as part of a dual measure submission will be issued within 48hrs of validation from our utility partners. This will take effect from 16th October 2019

Please note that the above is subject to change with any further communication from our utility partners/Ofgem.


If you require further information, please contact your business development manager or the ECO team on 0845 894 4444.

 (Released 4th Oct 2019)


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