Underfloor heating monitoring update

Anesco is continuing to see regular Under Floor Insulation (UFI) monitoring fails where the Technical Monitoring Agent (TMA) has advised they are unable to pass inspections due to access issues. In these scenarios, the TMA expects to be able to obtain enough reassurance that each measure meets the expectations set out in the ECO monitoring question set.

To aid the TMA’s in appropriately assessing whether UFI measures are likely to pass monitoring inspections, we would strongly suggest you consider implementing a requirement to retain photographic evidence, which can be made available to the TMA where access has not been achieved.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of UFI elements which could lead to a monitoring inspection fail if the TMA is unable to access the measure or it is not suitably evidenced by clear and appropriate photographs:

Insulation thickness installed

  • Demonstration that 100% of area has been installed and insulation is not sagging
  • Adequate sub-floor cross flow ventilation has been provided
  • The air bricks are free from dust, vegetation and other impediments
  • The small gap between the last joists and the external walls are fully insulated
  • Water pipework in the newly formed “cold space” is appropriately insulated (image of thickness used which is located on the lagging)
  • The structure of the existing floor is suitable for the insulation i.e. no evidence of damp, rot etc
  • The underfloor area is free from pests and rodents
  • There are no existing leaks from pipework
  • Any combustion appliances in the space to be insulated have appropriate combustion ventilation
  • Any pre-existing combustion vents that are due to be insulated are safeguarded in line with industry guidance
  • Any recessed floor lighting is safeguarded
  • Any high amperage cables (electric shower/cooker etc) that may be clipped to the underside of the floor joist are not covered by insulation
  • Any other in-situ equipment will not be compromised by the work undertaken
  • The insulation is applied in a manner which ensures that there are no exposed joists acting as thermal bridges (or is consistent with product manufacturer guidance)
  • Measurement of gap from joist bottom to ground level in several areas
  • For Cellars/Basements demonstrate that appropriate fire rated sealant and plasterboard is installed (netting will not be accepted as a form of material to contain the insulation within cellars/basements).
  • Your submission will be rejected should photographic evidence not support the above requirements
  • Where suitable photographic evidence cannot be made available for the TMA to review, associated monitoring fails will likely need to be remediated and photographically evidenced. Unresolved Technical Monitoring fails will be removed from the scheme by Ofgem.

If you require further information, please contact your business development manager or the ECO team on 0845 894 4444.

(Released 24th Jan 2020)


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