ATMA Guidance V.05 Remote Inspections

Further to the latest Government update, Anesco is providing information on the current position regarding Technical Monitoring (TMA) given the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of remote monitoring.

For the foreseeable future all TMA’s will be conducting inspections remotely, where possible.  This follows discussions with Energy UK, Ofgem and ATMA and is in line with government guidance to work at home where possible.

ATMA Technical Monitoring Guidance

Download the ATMA Guide to Technical Monitoring here

Mid-installation inspection (C2)

The following measure types require mid install monitoring:

–          External Wall Insulation

–          Internal Wall Insulation

–          Party Fill Cavity Wall Insulation

–          Flat Roof Insulation

–          Room in Roof Insulation

–          Underfloor Insulation

–          First Time Central Heating

To limit the number of visits to a property, methods of remote live virtual tour inspections can take place, for example, Facetime, Zoom, Microsoft teams etc. Alternatively, in the event a virtual live tour is not possible (for example, but not limited to) lack of reception, remote inspections at mid-installation stage can be carried out by providing the ATMA technical monitoring agent with photo evidence.

Please contact your Technical Monitoring Agency and arrange C2 inspections if required, as per your contracted requirements.

All C2 inspection results must be notified to [email protected]

Post-installation inspections (C3)

To limit the number of visits to a property, methods of remote inspections are currently permitted by Ofgem.

Anesco will be arranging remote C3 inspections as per Ofgem requirements, however, please note that in ALL CASES (at mid and post installation) photographic evidence MUST be submitted in accordance with the measure specific guide attached to this communication

ATMA Technical Monitoring Guidance

DOWNLOAD Remote TM inspection evidence requirements v.04) here

Anesco is aware that we recently removed the mid-installation photograph requirements for First Time Central Heating measures, however due potential auditing by Ofgem, this will now become a requirement again until the foreseeable future.

Additionally, it is Ofgem’s requirement that photographs collected for measures installed from the date this guidance is published (27/05/2020) must be geo-tagged and time stamped, thus providing further reassurance whilst adopting a remote inspection methodology.

Most commonly used appliances auto tag photographs, however, users may have to make a manual adjustment if not already set.

(Released 28th May 2020)


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