DSSY errors – Important Information

DSSY ERRORS – Due to the large amount of information that is recorded on the deemed score survey Anesco has seen a higher number of document errors within the template.

Examples of commonly seen inaccuracies:

  • The number of external walls listed in section 6 for flats or maisonettes must be consistent with the floor plan.
  • Further information regarding the number of external walls can be found within the Ofgem delivery guidance version 1.2 (page 98).
  • The number bedrooms stated in section 7 must match the bedroom count on the floor plan.
  • If a bedroom is located on the ground floor a photo is required, to evidence the room is being used as a bedroom.
  • For dual measures please ensure that the primary insulation measure is listed in section 13.
  • For insulation measures the roof type must be labelled on the floor plan.
  • For multi storey premises, please record floor position within the floor plan, ie basement, ground floor, room-in-roof.
  • Please note that this requirement will now be enforced.
  • For heating measures ensure pre existing heating controls are labelled on the floor plan, including any radiators with TRVs.
  • The wall construction type throughout the survey must be consistent.
  • The property dimensions must be labelled on the floor plan.
  • Annex 1 is to be completed for all measure types, including heating measures.

It is useful to know that the Ofgem delivery guidance provides excellent information and be accessed on the Ofgem website – click here.

Similarly, to avoid DSSY errors the latest template for the DSSY can also be found on Ofgem’s website, here.

If you require further information, please contact your business development manager or the ECO team on 0845 894 4444.

(Released 7th August)




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