Brookbarn Solar Farm

Anesco has designed, managed and constructed a 3.6MWp ground mount solar installation at Wick in Littlehampton.


Project Outline

Brookbarn solar farm covers an area of 12.79 acres and will generate enough renewable energy to power 1,250 homes annually, while saving up to 1,800 tonnes of carbon per year.

It has been constructed on a former landfill site, meaning it falls strongly in line with Government policy to regenerate brownfield sites. It has been constructed using specialist ballast that means the installation has not involved any drilling into the ground where gases from the landfill may be trapped.

The solar farm has been completed as part of a 25 year land lease agreement and will be maintained and monitored by Anesco through its unique AnescoMeter service for the full length of the agreement.

As part of Anesco’s commitment to support the local communities in which it operates, a number of improvements have been made to the local area. The solar farm itself is accessed via an unadopted road that had fallen into disrepair and was littered with potholes. After speaking with local residents and hearing their concerns about the poor state of the road, Anesco offered to resurface it as part of the redevelopment, at no cost to the residents.

Funding of £12k has also been provided to Littlehampton Town Council that has been put towards the upkeep and provision of new play equipment for popular local community area, Rosemead Open Space.

Feedback from local residents

Jane commented: “The team from Anesco has done a very nice job of the road. We are all a bit quick to complain sometimes and not quick enough to give thanks and praise where it’s due. Anesco has been good on their word and I would like to say very many thanks. The company has behaved impeccably throughout and on top of all they have done for us in doing the road, they even fitted bat and owl boxes for the local wildlife.”

Susan Ashby-Wyatt said: “Anesco is a company that actually listens and cares about the residents and the local area where they are siting solar farms. The team listened to our concerns and has gone out of their way to accommodate our requests.”

  • System size: 3.63MWp
  • Area covering: 12.79 acres
  • Number of panels: 13,200 solar PV panels
  • Construction time: 9 weeks
  • Project Lifetime: 25 years
  • Yearly CO2 Savings: 1,800 tonnes

Project Results

  • Yearly CO2 Savings: 1,800 Tones
  • Generating enough renewable energy to power: 1,250 homes

Anesco has worked quickly and been very responsive. The team’s
experience and varied backgrounds from within the sector is also
very appealing