Oxfordshire couple transform their home thanks to Green Deal

Thanks to the Government’s Green Deal scheme an Oxfordshire couple has transformed the energy efficiency and appearance of their rural home, while saving almost a third on the cost. The total cost of the couple’s investment will be recouped in under eight years.
For Chris Smith, a retired IT manager, being able to protect his three bedroom detached home and improve its energy efficiency without the need for major building works was a top concern.
Green Deal offers homeowners a way to install green measures, including new heating systems, boilers, glazing and insulation, at little or no upfront cost. Payment for the measures is made over time, through the savings made on energy bills. Homeowners can also self-fund improvements, while benefiting from a range of financial incentives on offer.
Chris moved from London to the Oxfordshire countryside with his wife two years ago, to a location in an exposed area overlooking farmland. With temperatures in the area dropping as low as minus12 degrees, the walls of the single brick property had been suffering from condensation and rain seepage. This led the couple to consider what options there were for improving the efficiency of their home.
“The main driver for us was protecting our home from the elements and improving the insulation,” commented Chris. “We noticed an article regarding the government’s Green Deal initiative in a weekend newspaper and that prompted us to start researching what options there might be.”
Chris contacted Anesco, an approved Green Deal provider, to have a Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR) undertaken. The report showed the range of improvements that could be made to the property, along with their potential energy savings and payback period. The team also advised the couple on different funding routes and incentives available through Green Deal, Green Deal Cash Back and ECO.
The property has since had a range of measures installed, including external wall insulation that has been applied to all external walls, protecting them and transforming the property’s appearance. A 16-panel solar installation with a capacity of 4kwp has been fitted to the south west -facing roof of the property, along with intelligent heating controls to help the couple better manage their energy demands.
The whole project was completed by Anesco in under two weeks.
The total cost of the project was approaching £30,000. Towards this the scheme qualified for ECO funding worth £5226 and through the Green Deal cash back scheme received a further £4,100. The couple will also receive payments through the Government’s Feed in Tariffs (FiTs), for electricity they generate through their solar panels that is fed back into the National Grid. The total cost of the couple’s investment will be recouped in under eight years.
Chris added: “We’ve been very pleased with the end result. We’ve not only been able to protect the property without the need to rebuild, but have improved its appearance. The external wall insulation will help keep us warm, reduce our energy bills and we’ll also make savings by generating our own electricity. Plus we have the potential to earn through the Feed in Tariffs, which is an added bonus.”
According to Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco, interest in Green Deal continues to grow from both self-funders and those utilising some level of Green Deal finance.
“Green Deal has really picked up momentum over the last few months, as homeowners assess their options and increasingly see it as the ideal route for improving their home,” said Adrian.
“For those with little upfront capital, Green Deal is an affordable way to make major upgrades, such as a new boiler, central heating system or double glazing. And homeowners choosing to self-fund will not only benefit from the energy and cost savings from day one, but will see their money going even further thanks to the incentives. The investment can be recouped in just a few years in many cases.”
He added: “Like any new initiative it has taken time to get established but we now expect to get to work on hundreds more properties in the coming months.”
Anesco works with homeowners, businesses, local authorities and housing associations looking to reduce their carbon emissions. The company was one of the first to be approved as a Green Deal provider. For more details call 0845 894 4444.


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