OVO Energy signs Anesco to support its ECO roll out

Two of the UK’s fastest growing businesses  have joined forces to support the Government’s drive to improve energy efficiency in fuel poor homes across the UK.
OVO Energy and Anesco, a national energy efficiency solutions company, have signed a two-year agreement to deliver ECO to residential properties most in need of energy efficiency upgrades, such as boiler replacements and loft insulation.
Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco, said: “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with OVO Energy to help cut bills by delivering energy efficiency in a cost effective way to tackle the issue of poor housing stock.”
He continued: “A key objective for the UK is not to build more generation, but for everybody to use less energy. Together our organisations are helping to drive efficiencies into the market, to make it sustainable for the long term and to help tackle the growing issue of fuel poverty.”
Sebastiaan Van Dort, ECO Manager at OVO Energy, commented: “We fully support the Government in its drive to reduce energy consumption in the UK. As a business we’ve always been focused on bringing down the cost of energy for our customers. We were the first supplier to bring bills under £1000 and we’ve cut our prices eleven times over the past 18-months  alone. By making homes more energy efficient, in partnership with Anesco,  we’ll ultimately be able to reduce bills even further.”
In 2014, OVO launched OVO Communities, a new platform that enables Local Authorities, Housing Associations and community groups to supply energy to their residents. In addition to offering local tariffs, OVO anticipate that each community supplier will enable their residents to use less energy by offering energy efficiency upgrades to the homes most in need in their area.
OVO believe that Communities are well positioned to identify the right places to invest in energy efficiency measures and due to this will focus its ECO obligation on supporting its community partners.
For more information on ECO please visit https://www.gov.uk/energy-company-obligation


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