Anesco continues to grow its battery storage capabilities

The UK’s leading energy efficiency solutions company Anesco, is reporting that following the successful performance of the first commercial scale battery unit to be installed in the UK, a second unit is due to arrive from China in early April.
Anesco’s team are currently in China and have placed a further order for a 1MW scale unit, which will be one of the largest in the UK.
“We have been really impressed by the unit’s performance,” reported Adrian Pike, CEO Anesco, who undertook the initial project on an existing solar farm near Bournemouth. The collaboration itself was a ground breaking initiative for the UK energy efficiency market.
Mr Pike added: “What we have been able demonstrate is how solar power can be a key part of the generation mix and a sustainable way to tailor generation capacity to consumer needs. The unit’s excellent performance means that we will be placing more orders with our Chinese partner BYD Company Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of rechargeable batteries.”
The three year collaboration with BYD has also led to a step change in the UK domestic market with the recent installation of the most advanced residential energy storage units currently on the market.
BYD is supplying Anesco with 3kWp /10kWh units, which are G83 certified to make sure they are grid compliant. Like their commercial counterparts, the units are capable of capturing the electricity exported to the grid and saving it for home use when solar PV is not generating.
“Energy storage technology makes sure that solar power output is steady and smooth and BYD is thrilled that we will be supplying Anesco with more batteries following the success of the initiative for the commercial market,” said Tom Zhao, general manager of BYD’s solar division. “More than anything it vindicates the decision to appoint BYD as the partner of choice for the UK market as our products have yet again demonstrated their reliability, resilience and excellent quality.”


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