Renewables investors set to benefit from launch of AnescoMeter app

Anesco has strengthened its industry-leading renewable asset monitoring and maintenance service, AnescoMeter, with the launch of a new app designed to make accessing performance data even easier.
The enhancement comes as the company forecasts sustained growth will see the renewable assets being monitored by the service hit 1GW in 2016.
AnescoMeter was the first service of its kind to be launched in the UK. It offers complete protection for investments made in renewable energy installations, by ensuring they are performing at their optimum level. Its key aim is to enhance performance and maximise yield.
Almost 16,000 systems generating over 500MW of renewable energy are currently being monitored by the service, including residential, commercial and ground mount installations. As well as new developments, the company continues to be awarded large-scale maintenance contracts for existing assets, in both the UK and worldwide.
Anesco is one of the only renewable maintenance providers to offer a fully integrated system that is operated in-house and can perform a comprehensive range of services, including scheduled and active maintenance, and fault response. The real-time, fully automated AnescoMeter system monitors the output of renewable energy installations to ensure any discrepancies are quickly identified, preventing any potential loss in revenue.
Thanks to AnescoMeter, investors can receive real time updates and information when a fault is discovered and repaired. The new app will mean all maintenance updates and the latest performance reports will be available to view on a PC, tablet or mobile phone, with the app compatible with both Apple and Android systems.
“Our ambition is to lead the renewables monitoring, maintenance and performance management sector,” explains Adrian Pike, Anesco CEO. “In the last 12 months alone AnescoMeter has been awarded service contracts for significant renewable asset portfolios and is already delivering substantial value to their owners.
“We are now undertaking asset management services for approaching 100 organisations, both in and outside of the UK, helping to enhance their performance through our unique approach and understanding for how to optimise various types of technologies.”
Adrian added: “The launch of the AnescoMeter app means we can offer our customers even greater choice in how they access their data, with the added convenience of being able to do so on the move. Now investors will not only have peace of mind that their investments are being protected, but they will be able to login from a mobile device to see in real-time how they are performing.”
The AnescoMeter app will offer a range of reporting functions, including performance, carbon savings, income generated and any faults logged. The information will be displayed on an interactive dashboard, with customers able to review the performance of their assets as a whole, or on an individual basis.
The app will be commercially available to download from Apple, Windows and Android app stores from December.


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