Anesco’s Asset Management Partner, Anesco Asset Management, launches inaugural public investment offer in renewable energy assets

Anesco Asset Management has joined forces with peer to peer investment platform Abundance Investment to allow individuals to invest in energy efficiency and renewable projects run by Anesco Southwest Renewables plc (ASR).
Previously open to commercial investors only, the new debenture offer will allow individuals to benefit from a 7% effective rate of return on their investment over six years, with income and capital paid back every six months.
Delvin Lane, Director of Anesco Asset Management, has unrivalled experience within the energy industry spanning over 30 years and has worked at the forefront of the energy efficiency sector for the past decade. He said the offer will have dual benefits for those who take it up, giving them a chance to get bank-beating returns while helping to combat climate change.
“Our projects, such as our solar installations and biomass boilers, are helping to drive down the UK’s carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future,” he said. “By investing in them people will be playing a part in this important mission, while benefitting from the kind of returns that are simply impossible to achieve through standard savings accounts.”
Bruce Davis, founder and managing director of Abundance, added: “Investors are increasingly looking for ethical and socially-responsible ventures to back and we’re delighted to be able to give them just that thanks to our partnership with Anesco Asset Management. Having been responsible for building more than 70 solar farms, over 2,000 solar rooftop installations and numerous energy efficiency installations in the UK over the last six years, Anesco Asset Management has a proven track record in transforming energy use, as well as delivering return for investors, so we are expecting this to be a popular offer.”
Among the green initiatives investors’ money will support are solar installations, biomass boilers and energy conservation projects at residential properties. The schemes not only help to reduce carbon emissions and develop renewable energy resources, but also support the communities they are in, through surplus profits being distributed locally.
Launched this week, this offer in Anesco South West Renewables is intended to be the first of many and part of Anesco Asset Management’s bigger plan to involve more people in the UK in its mission. ASWR is a mix of technologies, predominantly domestic biomass boilers installed in 93 homes in North Devon but also including 6 solar installations in Berkshire and Surrey.
All the biomass boilers and solar panels are already installed and registered to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariff respectively, meaning that the project is unaffected by UK Government subsidy cuts.
Anesco Asset Management is already researching further opportunities that will allow the public to invest in its green projects. Delvin Lane said: “Our aim is to involve as many people in the UK in our mission to drive carbon reduction and transform energy use. Together we can drive change.”
Anesco have undertaken the development, construction, O&M and asset management services for Anesco Asset Management Ltd for a number of years and it believes that this new approach by the partner will also support the growth of Anesco Limited.
Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco, said: “We are delighted to support Anesco Asset Management in their new venture into peer to peer lending and we believe that this is a really exciting opportunity. At Anesco, we focus on leading the way with all technologies and building them to the highest standard, which means they perform for many years above our design parameters and our O&M capabilities ensure that equipment always functions correctly.”


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