Save your organisation money and improve your carbon credentials


Energy is a top five cost for most organisation’s and for some energy intensive industries it is in the top two. Added to this is the challenge of tackling climate change.  It is documented that a well implemented energy efficiency programme can save a company up to 30%* of energy costs within three years and help with the regulatory demand placed on businesses to protect the planet. 

This guide demonstrates that a strategic approach to deploying renewable energy is the most effective way to reaping significant benefits for businesses both large and small.

 *Reference 1. Source: McKinsey – Manufacturing resource productivity.


Why implement an energy strategy?

Without support from the highest level any energy efficiency programme is likely to fail. There may be quick wins but without sustained enthusiasm from the board, middle managers are likely to see this efficiency drive as another passing fad.

To counter this some organisations employ an Energy Manager or Corporate Sustainability Manager while others have given the responsibility to a senior executive. It proves that energy is no longer a minor issue but one that requires serious time and effort. They see that energy affects many parts of the business including:

  • Reputation
  • Profit
  • Performance
  • People
  • Persuasion

In this report we will look at those in more detail and help you gauge how far your organisation has come on the road to an energy strategy fit for the early 21st Century.

Screwfix store Yaxley
Screwfix store Yaxley


The transition to Net Zero – A complete guide for businesses

There are three core steps on the route to achieving net zero; lowering operational carbon emissions; improving energy efficiency to limit any waste; and taking steps to offset the impact of any emissions
that may remain.

Case Studies

Premier Inn

Whitbread has set ambitious carbon reduction targets for each of its brands. For Premier Inn, improving the carbon footprint of its hotels by increasing energy efficiency and reducing the amount of electricity being taken from the grid, is a key focus.


What is ‘behind the meter’

2020 is proving to be a standout year for Anesco’s operations and maintenance team, with the service successfully entering new markets and a record number of assets now under management.