Full asset management, protection and optimisation for your renewable assets

With over 1.6GW of clean energy across 24,000 assets, Anesco has become the asset manager and O&M provider of choice for blue-chip clients, city investors and banks with large portfolios, local authorities and individual portfolio owners. The company is entrusted to manage and maintain thousands of systems across the UK.

Currently, Anesco is the only company in the UK that has the infrastructure and technical expertise to professionally maintain and optimise commercial, domestic and utility scale assets.

The company offers a pro-active operations and maintenance service for renewable energy systems including solar PV (Photovoltaic), battery storage and biomass.

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Asset management & optimisation

With a wealth of experience installing and maintaining renewable energy systems including solar PV (Photovoltaic), battery storage and biomass; Anesco provides a unified and pro-active approach to renewable energy through our asset management and O&M (operations and maintenance) service.

A state of the art inhouse Network Operations Centre (NOC) works to protect and optimise the performance of our client’s assets no matter the size, or who completed the original installation.

Anesco has become the asset management company and O&M provider of choice for blue-chip clients, city investors and banks with large portfolios, local authorities and individual portfolio owners. The company is entrusted with the asset management of thousands of systems across the UK.

All Anesco maintenance plans are structured to individual needs and can include independent performance reviews on assets installed by another company, this service is particularly useful in benchmarking and maximising performance and revenue and can be conducted at desktop or site level.

The company has a team of highly trained engineers located across the UK that provide a rapid response in the event of an issue and, in the case of utility scale batteries, a ‘split second’ response as part of ongoing system optimisation.

As an authorised service provider for all major commercial solar PV module and inverter manufacturers we can secure the best warranty and extended warranty for your system.

We work to industry standards and best practice to maximise system performance, decrease downtime, eliminate additional service costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

All Anesco staff are direct employees with health and safety being of vital importance and central to the company’s values and activities.

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Around-the-clock system monitoring and remote diagnostics

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All spares and access to buffer stocks

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Preventative maintenance visits

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Full site management and grounds maintenance

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Site security services

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Administrative services

Continuous pro-active support to improve and optimise the performance of renewable assets through a range of services which include:

Dedicated account management

For continuity of service and an exceptional standard of support.

Full on-boarding service

Enables assets to be monitored and maintained correctly and guarantees a smooth transition from the incumbent O&M provider (if appropriate).

Around-the-clock system monitoring and remote diagnostics

Ensures your renewable assets are working at their optimum.

All spares and access to buffer stock

To minimise downtime we hold an extensive stock of parts in a central warehouse and all engineers carry spares. Spare parts can be held on customer sites if required.

Preventative maintenance visits

Onsite inspection, system and module testing and cleaning to avoid degradation.

Full grounds maintenance

Planting, grass cutting, tree and hedge maintenance through to supporting specific ecological and biodiversity plans.

Site security services

Protection for ground mount and rooftop assets including electronic security systems, manned guarding and CCTV.

Administrative services

FIT/ROC administration which also includes the submission of readings for payment claims and warranty/extended warranty management.

Management Services

As part of our approach to asset management, Anesco provide a range of management services that include producing P&L accounts, balance sheet preparation and analysis of performance to budget through to monthly bank reconciliation and submitting VAT Returns and resolving queries.

Remote monitoring software

Anesco has developed a sophisticated, secure cloud-based software platform, ADAS, to monitor the performance of the solar panels in real time. The software ensures any problems or dips in output are quickly identified and rectified, so the panels continue to operate at their optimum capacity.

Available as a smartphone app so clients can access and analyse real time performance data and gain instant visibility of the savings. The software has been enhanced with the integration of a full SCADA system which is compatible with all major data acquisition logging and manufacturer portal systems.


A standout year for Anesco’s O&M team.

2020 is proving to be a standout year for Anesco’s operations and maintenance team, with the service successfully entering new markets and a record number of assets now under management.


ADAS – harness the power of accurate data.

Developed by Anesco for the renewables industry, ADAS is a powerful and essential all in one cloud-based platform that utilises data acquisition, processing, analytics and reporting to drive business
growth and support a sustainable planet


The Essential Guide to Derisking Solar.

Solar PV represents one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy in the world. In its latest report, IHS Markit predicts that the global solar PV market will grow by a further 25% in 2019, with a total of 129GW of new solar capacity installed.

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From the early discussions with Anesco it became clear why they are so well respected in the renewables arena. They are incredibly easy to work with and at every stage of the process, from design and build through to the ongoing optimisation and maintenance of the sites, they have continued to display an outstanding passion, knowledge and commitment to delivering the very best outcome.

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