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Anesco is the UK market leader for utility scale battery storage. Since installing the country’s first commercial energy storage unit back in September 2014, we have connected storage capacity totalling 150MW across 33 sites, with a further 250MW of battery projects currently under construction.

Our specialist team works with landowners and investment groups, to develop, construct and operate large scale battery assets.

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What is utility scale battery storage?

Utility scale battery storage has a vital role to play in the global energy mix. It provides an answer to one of the biggest challenges faced by renewable generators – the intermittent nature of such technologies – offering a way to capture clean energy and balance energy generation against demand.

National Grid highlights energy storage as a key growth area and estimates that as much as 30GW installed capacity could be required by 2050.

We have unrivalled experience in both new build sites and retrofitting energy storage systems alongside existing renewables, including hydro, wind, EfW and solar.

Future revenue modelling tool

Our ability to model future revenue is a key differentiator that sets up apart from all other developers within the industry.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our world-class technical team has been able to create a first-of-its-kind financial modelling tool, which allows us to predict the long-term revenue streams our utility scale battery storage projects may generate.

The tool can be used to predict whole life cost, IRR and long-term revenue streams. It takes into account market conditions and fluctuations, and optimises the best solution to achieve the highest revenue streams for a storage asset.

Another major benefit of the tool is that it helps solve the problem of integrating ‘revenue stacking’, by considering different scenarios, to model the best outcome for our customers.

Guaranteed Performance

Our battery storage systems meet the highest specifications, ensuring they perform at their optimal level. Anesco has a long-standing relationship with the major battery manufacturers and all of the batteries come with state-of-the-art fire protection, security and AC systems.

Every battery energy storage system we install and maintain comes with a 5-year, 95% availability guarantee, with planned and reactive maintenance contracts.

Monitoring and maintenance of utility scale energy storage systems

Anesco has a large and established in-house asset management, and operations & maintenance (O&M) service, providing remote monitoring and maintenance for battery assets, along with performance reports that are tailored to our individual customers’ needs.

Routine and reactive operations and maintenance

The maintenance contracts Anesco provides are tailored to customers’ requirements. They are based on manufacturers’ guidelines and industry best practice, as well as our own extensive experience.

Strong track record of success

As testament to our innovation and design expertise, in September 2017 Anesco officially unveiled the UK’s first subsidy free solar park, named Clayhill. The site combines 10MW of solar with 6MW of energy storage.

In the same month, Anesco also became the first organisation to successfully retrofit energy storage onto existing solar parks, without affecting ROCs payments. This means our clients have been able to receive subsidies on their solar farm sites, when co-located with energy storage.

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Routine and reactive operations & maintenance

Utility scale battery storage


Gore Street Energy Storage Fund (GSF) has acquired an 81MW battery storage portfolio from Anesco for £29.2 million

The agreement forms part of a wider partnership between the two companies, which will see Anesco providing ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset optimisation services for the batteries.


What is the future of battery storage in the UK?

Our CEO Mark Futyan took part in an expert panel discussion recently, exploring the ‘coming of age’ of energy storage in the UK and in particular, what the key challenges and opportunities are and how the market is expected to evolve moving forward. He shares his thoughts here.


Investor appetite continues to grow for battery storage.

Our CEO Mark Futyan joined an Inspiratia hosted expert panel discussion, exploring the ‘coming of age’ of energy storage in the UK. Issues spanned revenue optimisation, financing and investor confidence – you can read his thoughts here.

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In a year which produced unprecedented numbers of energy efficiency works, Anesco really proved why it is one of the leading private companies working inthe energy services industry.

Doncaster Council

We were very impressed by the organisation and professionalism of the team at Anesco. This was a large and important project for us, so we needed to ensure we had the right company in place. Anesco has worked quickly and been very responsive. The team’s experience and varied backgrounds from within the sector is also very appealing.

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