Philip Dennis Foodservice invests in cutting-edge battery storage technology

B2B food wholesaler, Philip Dennis Foodservice, has built on its environmental credentials with the purchase of three battery storage units from Anesco.

The batteries have been installed at the company’s offices in Barnstaple. They have a combined capacity of 3.75MW and are connected directly to the electricity grid. They will generate valuable, additional revenue for Philip Dennis by participating in schemes run by National Grid, which aim to balance demand and supply, to ensure the security and quality of electricity supply across Britain.

The batteries will be monitored by Anesco’s operations and maintenance service, to ensure they continue to operate at their optimum efficiency.

For the B2B food wholesaler, a family firm which has been in operation for four generations, the ability to diversify and generate revenue outside of its daily operations, has been vital for maintaining a competitive edge.

Since installing a rooftop solar scheme five years ago, the company has been committed to reducing its carbon footprint. As well as solar and energy storage, its renewables portfolio also includes two wind turbines.

Peter Dennis, director at Philip Dennis, commented: “Improving our carbon footprint through investment in renewable technologies is really important to us. It is a key USP and differentiates us from others in the market. We were quick to recognise the opportunity that solar and battery storage technology presents and are already achieving good returns.”

He added: “Through this project we’ve developed a great partnership with Anesco and despite setting the team aggressive deadlines, they have always delivered.”

Steve Shine, executive chairman of Anesco, said: “For commercial enterprises, manufacturers, farmers, landowners and others in industry, renewable technologies present a fantastic opportunity to diversify and capitalise on new revenue streams.

“As the UK market leader for energy storage systems, we’re delighted to have worked with Philip Dennis and others like them, to provide a complete turnkey solution that enables our customers to maximise their return on investment.”

Anesco is on track to more than quadruple its operational battery storage portfolio by 2020, as its order book swells to 380MW. The company has developed 102 solar farms to date, while its O&M arm is now monitoring over 21,500 sites.


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