Anesco to build and maintain 100MW battery storage for JLEN and Foresight Solar Fund Limited (FSFL)

Anesco has been awarded contracts by Foresight Group, on behalf of the JLEN and FSFL funds, to build and maintain two battery storage facilities with a combined capacity of 100MW.

The first 50MW battery will be located in Melksham, Wiltshire, adjacent to FSFL’s existing Sandridge solar park. The second will be at West Gourdie, Dundee. At just under 50MW, it will be one of the largest battery storage facilities in Scotland.

The two sites will be fully operational by Autumn 2022. All engineering, procurement and construction will be handled by Anesco, with the company then providing ongoing operations and maintenance services for an initial 4-year period.

Anesco secured the two contracts following a competitive tender process. It sees the two companies building on an existing relationship, with Anesco currently maintaining 27 solar farms, totalling more than 200MW, on behalf of Foresight Group. This includes the 50MW Sandridge solar farm, adjacent to the new battery facility.

Anesco’s Business Development Director, Sarah Webb, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Foresight on these two projects. Interest in our EPC and O&M capabilities for third party assets remains high. These two sites add to our growing EPC pipeline, including 150MW of self-developed storage assets we’re set to commence construction on shortly.”

Foresight has been targeting investments into battery storage over the past 12-18 months, with JLEN acquiring the West Gourdie battery project in March this year, and JLEN and FSFL subsequently acquiring the Sandridge asset in May, through a 50:50 equity co-investment.

Chris Tanner, partner at Foresight, commented: “Foresight, on behalf of its managed funds, continues to see opportunities in the UK storage market. The business case for such opportunities is supported by key fundamental drivers, largely driven by increasing levels of intermittent generation on the system. With the UK making legally binding commitments to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050, these trends are only expected to increase over the long term.

We are pleased to have signed these contracts with Anesco, a company we already partner with in the solar sector, and we look forward to working together as Foresight continues to invest in high quality battery storage projects.”

Anesco is a market leader in renewable energy, managing the development, design, construction, maintenance and market optimisation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The company has constructed more than 100 solar farms and 30 energy storage facilities, while its O&M service is monitoring more than 24,000 sites.


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