Cadland Estate

Anesco worked with the Cadland Estate in the New Forest to develop a model for sustainable farming.


Project Outline

This included the development of a 5MWp solar farm. Constructed on grazing used to grow potato crops, the scheme is capable of generating enough electricity to power around 1,700 homes.

The solar farm has been completed as part of a 25 year land lease agreement and will be maintained and monitored by Anesco through its unique AnescoMeter service.

  • System size: 5MWp
  • Area covering: 30 acres
  • Number of panels: 18,000 solar PV panels
  • Length of frames: 9 kilometres
  • Number of groundscrews: 5,000
  • Construction time: 13 weeks
  • Project Lifetime: 25 years
  • Yearly CO2 Savings: 2,797 tonnes
Aerial view of Cadland Solar Farm

Project Results

  • Yearly CO2 Savings: 2,797 Tonnes
  • Generating enough renewable energy to power: 1,700 homes

We were very impressed by the organisation and professionalism
of the team at Anesco. This was a large and important project for
us, so we needed to ensure we had the right company in place.