Mid Devon District Council

Anesco provided an Investment Grade Audit Proposal for three leisure centres and a car park to provide renewable and energy savings measures as part of an energy savings performance contract (ESPC).


Project Outline

These measures were installed with a guaranteed 28% yearly saving on energy bills.

Anesco identified the following potential energy saving measures that could provide a benefit to the customer:

  1. Electricity Saving Measures
    1. Lighting Upgrade
    2. Air Handling Unit Upgrades
    3. Variable Speed Drives
    4. Vending Machine Controls
  2. Heating Saving Measures
    1. Boiler Optimisation
    2. Valve Insulation
  3. Renewable Technologies
    1. 199 kW Biomass Boiler for Lords Meadow Leisure Centre


  • Guaranteed Year 1 Saving on Energy Bills: £92,944 (28% of Total)
  • Project Lifetime: 12 years
  • Yearly CO2 Savings: 691 tonnes
Mid Devon District Council

Project Results

  • Yearly CO2 Savings: 691 Tonnes
  • Guaranteed Year 1 Saving on Energy Bills: £92,944

Anesco’s unique 25 year maintenance programme and its innovative and creative energy saving solutions were appealing to us.